How i Survived Cancer With Positive Thinking and Home Remedies

 The power of positive thinking, and natural remedies, helped me survive when no one thought I could. 


 Take your time and look around, get to know me, and learn how I lived to write this blog with positive thinking that I would survive, and by using natural remedies I learned about from my grandmother. I have fought cancer, and an enzyme deficiency disease, for over 20 years using natural remedies to help me with the symptoms that I was having 

About Me

Defeating Death


Hi, I'm Virginia. I am a cancer, and life, survivor. According to some doctors that I met I should have been dead several times over. I have a rare enzyme deficiency disease that keeps me from being able to use, or eat, most products that are available to us in the average store. I am also limited to what medications I can have because almost everything works the opposite on me. 

In the middle 1990's I lived in Northeast Arkansas, and my doctor at the time cared about his patients. I met him through a friend who recommended him. I had been staying sick from fatigue, nausea, headache, pain all over my body, and I always kept a rash. I had been to several doctors who could not find out what was wrong with me. One doctor told me that all I needed was a man to take care of me! That's right. It cost me thousands of dollars for me to hear that. When I told my friend what he said she couldn’t believe it. Then she told me to stop wasting my time on him, and to go see her doctor. I took her advice and made an appointment to see him the next week. While waiting his waiting room I was amazed by an article I read in a magazine. The cover story was about a woman who stayed sick from something the doctors could'nt identify. As I read the story, I knew that I was in the right place at the right time.

Once again I started having positive thinking as I realized that the woman in the story had the exact same symptoms that I had. It went on to tell about how it turned out to be allergies. When I went in the back to see the doctor, I took the magazine with me. When he entered the room, he had a nice smile and seamed to have a pleasant personality. He asked how he could help me, and then he sat without talking while I explained the problems I had been having. Then I held out the book and asked, “Could this be me?” He took the book from me and looked at the page I had it opened to. He asked where I got it, and I told him that it was in his waiting room. 

He sat there and took the time to read the article. He laid it down on the counter and said, “I don’t know, but we’re going to find out. He told me he was going to send me to see an Ear Nose and Throat specialist to have allergy test done on me. Within a few days I was at the other doctor’s office being prepped for allergy test. They gave me a shot in one arm to make sure that I wasn’t allergic to what the allergy samples were based in, and to a histamine. Instantly my arm swelled up like an elephant’s leg. It hurt and was horrible. I started wheezing and got a bad rash. They gave me a shot to help me with the symptoms and told me they couldn’t finish the test because I was allergic to the sample base. The doctor told me that I was the first patient that he had that was allergic to glycerin. He said our bodies make it, and that it is in almost everything. He told me to go back to see the doctor who referred me to him to see what was causing it.

Don't be left in the dark.


Find out about the symptoms of different kinds of cancer, and where to turn to for help. There are a lot of doctors out there who do care, and they are waiting for the chance to help you.

American Cancer Society
Yellow body fat with dark brown spots, and spider vein looking deposits of glycerin.

I went back to the doctor who sent me for allergy testing, and he said he needed to do more test. I had the lab test done and then went back the next week to get the results. He surprised me when he led me to his personal medical library. He told me to sit at a large wooden table that looked like it was made of oak. It had been polished beautifully, and I could see my reflection in it. He came back with four large hardback books, and then gathered six more books and laid them in front of me separately from the others. He told me that he would be right back, then he left for a few minutes and came back with a pad of paper and several pages that had been copied from a medical dictionary. 

He said, “Virginia, you have a rare enzyme deficiency disease that is causing your body to not process glycerin right. That is why it seems like some things work the opposite on you than they do on most people. I hate to say this, but I don’t know of any treatment for it, or of anyone I can send you to for it. But there is hope. If you want to live you need to look up everything on these papers in these books here (pointing at the first set of books he laid down), and then cross-reference them in these books. (pointing at the second set of books he put in front of me)." Then he said, "Then read every label at home and at the stores when you go shopping. Stay away from everything you find in reference to these lists. If you do, and if you stay away from inverted sugar, you might be able to live one to five years. I'm truly sorry, I wish there was more that I could do."  He told me to take my time, and that I was welcome to go back to finish if I needed to. 

For a few minutes I just sat in sort of a shock mode.? My children were too young to lose their momma. They all had medical conditions. Who would take care of them? One to five years wasn't long enough if I could help it. I laid my head down on that shiny table and prayed to God to please help me, and to show me what to do. I started having positive thinking as I remembered my Uncle Ray telling me that we all have a little power of God in us from his Holy Ghost, and that if we truly believed in God and that he would grant us what we need then it would come true. I had to be truly thankful for something before I received it. I was thankful. I was thankful that the doctor cared enough to find out what was wrong with me, and I knew that God was leading me the right direction. All I had to do was listen to the message I was given. So, I did. I researched everything I could. I knew that doctor done a lot more than what some other doctors done who wouldn't even try to help me, and he saved my life.

The papers he gave me was about glycerin storage diseases, and about different forms ofI  glycerin. I had no idea that there were so many ways you could use it, or of all the chemical names it is found in. I spent most of that day going through those books. Some were almost too heavy to pick up, and they were full of words I didn’t know, and I had to use his dictionary to find out what they meant. He had left a legal pad and a couple of pens and pencils for me to make notes with. I wrote down every form of glycerin that I could find, and when I left, I took the list with me along with the copied papers he gave me. I still have them and refer to them when I’m not sure about something. 

When I got home, I looked at every label in the place. There was glycerin in everything I used! No wonder I was so sick. It was a miracle that I was even alive. I suddenly felt a sense of protection. God had kept me alive even though I was using the very thing that was killing me. I started making everything I could homemade, and I read every label I could when I went shopping. I made the mistake of assuming that companies use the same ingredients all the time, and made myself sick from not reading labels of things I had gotten use to being able to eat. So as of today, I still read every label I can when I go shopping. I was grateful for that wonderful doctor. With a few prescriptions he gave me, and staying away from glycerin and inverted sugar, I felt better within days. Within weeks I felt better than I had ever remembered feeling. Every day I still thank God for for that wonderful doctor.

Unfortunately, he took in a partner who elected that they used a different insurance company. For him to get paid, and to keep his license, he had to fallow their rules. They limited his ability to practice medical care like he had always done. He confidentially told me that he was sick that he wasn't able to tell patients that they have cancer, and that he had  to leave his own practice just to get out of the mess. He did not think it was right to limit medical care to patients that they thought were a waste of time and money. I can honestly say that it broke my heart to see him go through that. He started that clinic, and he cared about the people he took care of. 

It was sad that he had to walk away from something he built just because he put his trust in the wrong person, and that he was controlled by insurance companies that limited his ability to give proper medical care. He tried to help his practice be more advanced and have updated x-ray machines and testing ability, but what he ended  up with was others telling him who he could help and who he couldn’t. They stepped in and took over, and turned it into a money-making machine, instead of the caring medical facility that it had always been. I did not meet another doctor or nurse again that went out of their way to help their patients until 2004.

 I did however meet a couple of doctors who made sure to put me in my place when I tried to replace him. In 2003 I was told by a doctor, who refused to do a mammogram on me, that I only had a year to a year and a half to live. Straight up in those words, and right in front of my daughter who was born with a serious heart condition. He offered no kind of positive thinking, and he had the bedside manors of a door knob. I had been asking him about every two months for about a year to do a mammogram on me. My left breast was deformed, and they both were lumpy and sore. He never took the time to examine them. Instead he told me that if it hurt it wasn't cancer. It was Fibrocystic Disease.

When I  tried to be more more demanding, in a polite way, he accused me of being paranoid because my grandmother had cancer. However, he wasted no time telling me that I was a lost cause over my enzyme condition. That was the last time I saw him. He didn't even wish me well. He just walked out of the room without giving me a return appointment. Maybe he didn't know how to show me empathy without it causing stress on him. People in the medical field, and other first responders,  have to be able to turn off their emotions so that they don't get to envolved with patients and stress over not being able to help everyone.

The lumps and inverted spots in my breast turned out to be cancer symptoms. It hurt because it was invasive. In 2004 I had the pleasure of meeting a caring nurse and a few good doctors. One doctor was extra special, and he always met me with a warm “I care” type of hug that made me feel like he did care. It wasn’t fake. It was a real hug. Everyone knows that a hug goes a long way. He done a double mastectomy on me. After he removed my breast she stepped aside, and another doctor stepped in his place and took over to start immediate reconstruction on me. It took months of painful treatments on expanding my tissue expanders in my chest wall to prepare me for breast implants, and another surgery, before that part of my life had finally passed. I had been having anxiety attacks before my breast were removed. I stopped having anxiety immediately after the mastectomy. Just like the gestational diabetes I had when I was pregnant went away as soon as my children were born.

Soon after I had the mastectomy I started on Tomoxifen, a hormone replacement  cancer treatment. Within A few days I was full of strength again, and I felt like a spring chicken. I was only on it for twenty-one days. I woke up one day a greyish color feeling sick to my stomach. I went in the restroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. Blood started pooring out of my mouth like I had been hit in the mouht or had a tooth pulled. When I spit a tooth flew into the sink. I was horrified! It was my front right side tooth. I had read the warning pamplet that came with the medicine. I knew it ws one of the possible  side affects, but it didn't make me feel any better knowing that my beautiful smile was gone forever. I thought about calling the doctor. But, it was the weekend and because of my past history of having anxiety, and the one doctor thinking I was parinoid for thinking I was sick, I decided to wait untill the next morning when the doctor's office would be open. I didn't want to seem anxious, and I really did not want another hospital bill on top of the one I already had.

I was depressed and embarrased over my tooth. So, I took my medicine like I was supposed to, and went to bed for the rest of the day. By that night my heart was racing and seemed like it was going a hundred to nothing. It was that way all night long. Nothing I done would help. My chest hurt and I had a hard time breathing. I had no one there with me to take me to the emergency room, and I didn't know if it was anxiety causing it over my tooth falling out. I did not want an ambulance bill over an anxiety attack. So, I laid propped up on my left side and waited until the doctor's office oppened to call them. They were quick to act and told me to go straight to the emergency room. I had no one there to drive me. So, I had to take an ambulance anyway.

They done a CT Scan on me, and gas test on my lungs, to see if I had built up a blood clot. It is a rare side affect from the Tomoxifen, but still a possible side affect. I had not had a blood clot to form yet, but because of the side affects I was having they had me to stop the medicine.  Right then and there that ended all cancer related  treatments other than having ocaccional surgeries when tumors and lymp nodes get to big. I wasn't menopausal, and It seems as though I have a blood clotting issue that puts me at high risk for standard type treatments. So, I have had to fight it off naturally with the help from some good doctors with medicines I need to help me with issues I can't find home remedies for. Over the next couple of days I lost another tooth and a toenail. I stayed locked away in my bedroom not wanting anyone to see me. After about a week I started feeling more normal. Normal for me.

When the pathology report was in it showed that I had such a slow growing cancer that I most likely had cancer for fifteen to twenty years before it was removed. Just like my grandmother who had done the same thing. I think the cancer she had was slow growing because of all of the home remedies she used, and I fugured that the cancer I had was slow growing because of my body not being able to store glycerin and sugars right. It didn't have much to feed off of besides my hormones. We had two different types of cancer, so it most likely wasn't a hereditary thing. Several years later I started having complications again and had to have several surgeries to remove abnormal tumors and lymp nodes under my arm and in my back that were making it hard for me to breath or causing me a lot of pain.  Thank God they were benign.

The next time I was given a time limit to live it was in 2014. I had gotten well, then suddenly the floor dropped out from under me. I had a series of TIA’s (transient ischemic attacks) that gave me stroke like symptoms. They are not supposed to cause permanet damage, but I had been left with vertigo and brain fog that I could not get rid of. I would feel like I was falling while sitting or laying down. I suddenly had anxiety again, and I withdrew from everyone. Not on purpose, it was because I wasn’t able to manage anything at the time, and I felt like if people cared about what happened to me they should have offered to help. I didn’t want to be a burden, but I needed help and didn’t want to ask for it. At one point I don't think I was even capable of thinking to ask for it. I was just guided around like a dog on a leash. 

My family had no idea what I was going through, and I had no idea how sick I really was.  One day I heard one doctor tell another doctor, in my presence, that most patients with my condition expire within six months, and that I had well over exceeded that time limit so she didn't know how long I would survive. I said, “Really? Did I just sit here and hear you talk about me like I wasn't even in the room?" They just looked at me, and then gave me a pitiful look and walked out of the door. I sat there dazed.

I was sick of people telling me what I couldn't do, and not telling me what I could do. I remember thinking that if they thought I was going to go out without a fight they were wrong. My father and my grandmother taught me not to give up. I had never given up on anything. I didn't know how to give up, and I wasn't going to just sit around and wait to die. It got a lot worse before it got better, but it did get better. I started using the natural remedies my grandmother used to help others with. Things I never thought much about were suddenly all I had for hope. That and the grace of God.

Time Limits

Fountian with a statue of a man, blue rising water, a capital building, and the St. Louis Arch.

My Background


My family background was full of veriety. I was  born in St. Louis Missouri, but I was raised in Arizona, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, and Florida with my moving back to Missouri several times. I attended Social Work classes at Arkansas State University in University, Arkansas with Honors. It is a Jonesboro Arkansas subdivision. My family was half Pentecostal, half Baptist, and mixed with different nationalities. My father was a veteran paratrooper who worked hard as a diesel mechanic, and my mother was a Certified Public Accountant who also enjoyed being a homemaker that used her mother's natural remedies on us when we were sick.  

My father was hard core. He believed that everyone should work for what they got, and that everyone had a right to defend themselves, and they had the responsibility to defend those who could not defend themselves. He also believed in giving you a good old-fashioned beating if you got out of line. He ran our house like we lived on a military base. In bed early, up early, and chores had to be done before anything else. My daily chore was laundry. I remember hanging clothes up and taking them down off clothes lines no matter what the temperature was like, and having to iron everything. Even underwear. My father also loved antiques, as his father did, and buying older houses. He would buy old fixer uppers and then renovate them. He would sell them after we lived in them for at least six months. By the time I was thirteen years old I could fight like a man, rebuild a carburetor, and help build houses. I would help lay shingles, pop the ridge, lay trim work, and paint the inside and outside of those old houses. By the time we were done with them they looked almost new.

My mother on the other hand was very quiet and well mannered. Not real prissy, but very lady like. She sat with her hands folded when watching television, or when visiting somewhere. She loved to bake and make dresses for us girls. I guess I turned out to be a mixture of them both. I was a girly tom-boy. I could work on houses and cars, climb trees, play basketball and baseball with my uncles, and I could play a French Horn. I also loved what some people would call domestic stuff like sewing, painting, writing, and learning proper table etiquette. I truly loved watching my mom eat at the table. She was so dainty. Not stiff or ridged like a lot of stuck up people. Just comfortable with having table manners. She knew dad was tough on us for our own good, but she also knew that we needed a little freedom too. On Saturdays after my chores were done, mom would let me watch the music shows on television before dad got in from work. I loved to dress up in high heels and sizzlers, and then I would practice dancing just so I could display my new move at the town dance that night if my sister and I were able to go. It was the highlight of the week. That is, unless I was able to go to St. Louis or West Memphis for the weekend or summer.

In St. Louis I loved visiting my grandparents on both sides. On my dad's side his step-mother, was like my mother. Very feminine, and a true holy roller Pentecostal if there ever was one. Dad's dad was Pentecostal too, only he had some rough edges on him. He stood a little over seven foot tall and was almost as round as I was tall. He owned ten city blocks along with an antique store on South Broadway, and over 300 rent houses and apartments. No one would ever believe that he spent time in prison for moon-shining when my dad was just a child. Later after he got out of prison, he done odd and end work to support himself. On Saturdays he would wrestle bears for fifty dollars. If he could stay in the ring long enough. That's right. He wrestled bears. He would tell us about his bear wrestling days, and he would have everyone in suspense describing how the bear would slap him around. I thought he was just telling big whoppers. One day after he got done telling his story I told him a story of my own. I told him about how a big rat would come into my bedroom at night and sit on the bed, and I told him about how the rat told me that if I didn't go tell my mamma that he wanted some bacon he was going to eat my toes off. Everyone got so quiet. Then they suddenly bursted out laughing! Grandpa picked me up and swung me around calling me his little Windy. From that day forward I was known by my family on both sides as Wendy.

As I got older, I was able to hang around the antique store more. He told me about how he got started in antiques. He had bought an old lamp and table at an auction one day, and later some antique dealer offered him a lot of money for them. He figured there must be money in the old stuff people got rid of. So, he started buying and reselling old stuff until one day he could buy the building he had opened his store in. It was U shaped andthree stories tall with appartments on the second and third floors. The rent he got from his tenets, and the antiques he sold, was how he was able to build his little empire. I loved those antiques and hanging out in the store. I would take my time looking at the details on all the beautiful old furniture and paintings and play on the old organs and pianos. I can still remember the different smells from the different types of wood and cloth.

For my tenth birthday my grandfather gave me a wooden antique jewelry box that my dad and my uncles use to argue over. They each offered him money to buy it and would try to out bid each other. 

Grandpa always told them, and anyone else who tried to buy it, that he was saving it for someone special. Their mouths dropped like they had cement in them when they watched him give it to me for my birthday. It was over two hundred years old, and it looked like a miniature dresser that had two sets of drawers on each side with a box picture in the middle. In the picture box, it had a mirror in the back ground with Jesus on a cross and what looked like dried bushes in the bottom corners. He gave me an antique dresser that looked just like the miniature jewelry box. Only it didn't have a picture box in the middle. Instead it had a beautiful wooden table with a round mirror on the back of it. I cherished that jewelry box, and the dresser. Every time I looked at it, I smiled remembering the tears in Grandpa's eyes when he seen how happy it made me. Years later my ex-husband stole it and put it up for sale in a country auction for only five dollars, along with my other stuff he stole. I still try to find my treasured jewelry box when I go to flea markets and antique stores. Maybe one day I will get to see it again.

When in St. Louis if I wasn't with my dad's dad and his step-mother I was with my mom’s mother and her step-father. It was almost like daylight and dark. My mother's mother, Grandma Dorthy, had eleven children ranging from older than my mother to a year and a half younger than I was. As a matter of fact, Grandma Dorthy was pregnant with my favorite uncle the same time my mother was pregnant with me. We grew up like brother and sister. All my Grandmother's younger children were like my brothers, and one who was like an older sister. She was only nine years older than I was and use to babysit us for Mom and Dad. She was fun to hang out with, and she loved to wash and braid my hair. 

Things at Grandma Dorthy's home wasn't as comfortable as my other grandparents. My mother's step-father would drink, and then he and Grandma Dorthy would get into bad fights. My grandfather would storm out of the house knocking down and kicking anyone in his way. I hated going around him, but I loved my Grandma. She was more like my best friend instead of my grandmother. She would talk to me about everything you could think of, and made me feel like I could talk to her about anything at all. Grandma Dorthy would tell me old fashioned remedies for just about everything someone came down sick with, and both men and women would call her if someone got sick. She kept a lot of old traditions alive by using natural remedies. She was a good cook too. She owned her own restaurant, and people would drive for miles around just to eat her homemade cooking. Especially her homemade buscuits with chocolate gravy at breakfast time, and her mouth watering lemon meringue pie she fixed fresh every day for dinner. 

When I was in West Memphis I spent time with my Uncle Ray and Aunt Sharion who were Penticostal to the bone. My Uncle Ray, who died from Lupus and Leukemia, was a World War II Army veteran and member of Veterans of Foreign Wars. He was a member of the Masonic Lodge, Eastern Star, Delta Shrine, and Scottish Rite brotherhood. He taught me about God's love and power.

Things I Like


I like watching comedy movies, singing, listening to music (just about anything besides head banging, cursing, and music that leaves you feeling sad), listening to old phonographs of radio talk shows, almost all kinds of art including stage plays and concerts, collecting old pictures, playing Parchisi and Yathzee, making a personal websites, writing short stories and poetry.

I also like BBQ, cooking from scratch (I like going out to eat, but have allergies, so my options of restaurant foods are limited), fishing, camping and cooking over the open fire, sports (football, hockey, ice skating, roller derby, the Olympics, baseball, gymnastics, tennis, dancing, golf, and too many other things to mention). However, I'm not a fanatic. I only like to watch them. I'm not super woman so I don't play them, anymore. I like going to the park and swinging on the swings, going to the zoo, traveling the world (through Google, lol), monster truck shows, car shows, going to flea markets and yard sales to see what treasures are waiting to be found. Hopefully one day I will find my jewelry box.

I like going to the ocean, watching the sun set and rise, discovering new things about nature (rather it be in a book, on the internet, documentaries on television, on Google, in a museum, the zoo, or on a small hike). I forgot a lot of things I knew, and rather I am relearning, or finding out for the first time, I am amazed at how everything is organized and linked together. I think this world is awesome. Sure there are a lot of haters in it, but I can't let them make me miss out on the wonder of being alive just because they choose to be hung up on hate. All I can do is pray for them to have a caring conscious mind so that their hearts with open up to how we are all linked together, and need each other. As equals on all levels. I like to travel with my feet on the ground. I had my share of air travel when I was younger. A few places I would like to go to are the Grand Canyon, Yosemite Park, Las Vegas, Houston to visit a certain church, and New York. 


I spent my vacation with a friend in Springfield Massachusetts when my children were all less than four years old. I took a train from Orlando Florida up to Massachusetts. We transfered to a sleeper coach in Tallahassee, and then spent the next three days traveling on trains. Trying to get from one car to another over those flaps in the middle alone with three small children was something I wasn't prepared for. Thankfully there were good people who helped me with them. Two weeks later we took the train back to Orlando, but that time I was more prepared with plenty of food, and supplies so we didn't have to make that trip to the diner car. I would not of missed the trip for the world, but I swore that I would never do it again. That weekend we drove down to New York New York, and got lost in the Bronx trying to find the Statue of Liberity. I heard it can be pretty rough there, but the men who gave us directions to get back on the right road gave us good directions, so there is a lot to be said about the good that is there too. If given the chance to go back Iwould like to take in a few shows. I truly love big city lights, and I would love to see New York at night.

I also love God, praying for people, and doing volunteer work (this should have been the first thing on the list). I don't drink or smoke (but I did smoke a little when I was younger), and I have never done drugs. I am active with my family. Such as babysitting and going to school events. I am looking forward to the day I can see them all graduate

I Didn't Feel Right


I had Breast Cancer, TIA's (transient ischemic attacks) from blood clots, vertigo, and inflamation throughout my body. I had been told that most people with my conditions usually expire within six months. I had been given one to five yeas to live, then six months to a year and a half to live, and then I was told less than six months. I had gotten a lot better, and I thought I was healed, until I got sick again.  

But still, at the time that I heard those words I had no idea that I was that sick. I hadn't been offered any treatments for anything, so I felt like they thought I wasn't worth trying to save. I decided that I wasn't going to go out without a fight. So I relied on my personal experience from what I learned about different natural remedies from my grandparents to aid in my recovery. I was going to be a survivor rather they wanted to help me or not. I started losing weight, then gaining weight, having anxiety attacks, and feeling so tired that on some days I felt that I could hardly move. I had lumps in my breast that had been hurting me for several years. My doctor said that if it hurt it wasn't cancer. It had to be Fibrocystic Disease. He wasn't worried about that. He was more concerned about my having some sort of enzyme deficiently disease, and my allergy to glycerin. He told me in front of my daughter, who was only thirteen at the time, that I only had about one and a half years to live. 

Glycerin was in everything, and once again it was causing my body to shut down. That was in 2003. In 1995 I was told that I would have one to five years to live from the exact same thing. I had learned to read labels on everything and learned how to cook nearly everything I ate homemade. No foods processed in factories, and there was very few personal hygiene and cleaning products I could use. I stayed away from everything I could, but I was still getting sicker.

In December of 2004 I was living in Little Rock Arkansas. I was working as a machine operator in a factory and was let off work early one day, along with everyone else, and decided to go with some other ladies I worked with to the health department to have an annual screening done. I had not been to the doctor since I was told that I only had a year and a half to live. I figured that if they couldn’t do anything for me that going to a different doctor would just be a waste of money that I needed to take care of my children. 

Once I got in the back and was able to see a Nurse Practitioner, she literally snapped at me with pure shock when she seen my breast. She demanded to know why I waited so long to get in there? She asked if anyone had ever told me how to do a self-breast exam like she thought I was too stupid to know how to do one. I explained to her that I had gone to the doctor nearly every other month asking for a mammogram, and he told me I was too young to have breast cancer, and that if it hurt it wasn't cancer. I told her that he told me that I was being paranoid because my grandmother had cancer, so I was obsessed with fear of my having it. He had never even looked at my breast or examined them. He just repeated the same thing every time I went in to see him. The only thing he was concerned about was my dying from an enzyme disease. She had tears running down her face as she shook her head.


I had a limited insurance policy that didn't cover breast care, so the Nurse Practitioner called the Department of Health and Welfare. She spoke to a lady who was part of a special program for women with breast cancer. Together they arranged for me to have a mammogram done the very same afternoon at a local hospital. After having the test done a very nice doctor came in to talk to me. He told me that he needed to do more test on me. They done a PET Scan on me, and drew some blood. After that I was led to his office to wait for him. He came in with another doctor, and a nurse, and told me that he was certain that I had Invasive Breast Cancer, but only a biopsy could confirm it. He told me that he had spoken to the Cancer Caseworker who had referred me to him, and they both agreed that I should have the biopsy done as soon as possible. He told me that he had taken the liberty of calling a friend of his who was one of the best surgeons in the city. They had already set me up an appointment for the next Monday. I told him that I couldn't take off work, and that my insurance wouldn't cover it. He told me it had already been taken care of and not to worry about it. Well, after all that in one day how was I not supposed to worry?

I kept my appointment that next Monday, and when the famous doctor walked in the examination room, he introduced himself, and was very nice. He pulled back the paper gown to examine me, and without touching me he closed it, and sat down on his roller stool. Both my breasts were inverted and had deep dimples in them. Especially the left one. He asked me how long I had been that way, and I told him for a couple of years, and explained to him about the doctor who refused to examine me because I told him it hurt and about how he thought I was just paranoid because of my grandmother having cancer. He apologized to me in behalf of the other doctor's lack of experience and told me that he agreed with the Radiologist. He too was almost certain that I had Breast Cancer. He told me he needed to do a biopsy, and that he wanted to do it that coming up Wednesday. 

It was only two days away. I only had two days to arrange for a babysitter, and to arrange transportation to be picked up after having the surgery. I bought the list of things the nurse said I would need after surgery and had pre-surgery blood test drawn. Later that night I sat on the edge of my bed wondering just how the doctor I had asked on a nearly bi-monthly basis for so long could be so insensitive and arrogant. Did he really think I didn't have cancer, or did he think I would die from the enzyme disease before I would from cancer, so the cancer didn't really matter to him? Either way he wouldn't like it if it happened to him. I wasn't mad though, and for some odd reason I wasn't scared either. I felt relieved because it was confirmation that I wasn't just imagining it like the doctor said I was. I wasn't crazy after all. Two days later I went in to the hospital to have the biopsy done. 

The outpatient surgery lobby was full of people. I sat for what seemed like hours waiting for my turn to go in the back. I started getting nauseated from being hungry. I had not been able to eat anything since the night before for precautionary reasons for the surgery. They said it was standard, and that I could get sick to my stomach and aspirate fluid back into my lungs. They didn't know that going hungry made me sick to my stomach too. So, either way, as far as my getting sick to my stomach was concned it did not look good for me. 

The Fight Of My Life


After several years of doing good after my mastectomy I became sick again. I got so sick that I became homeless from not being able to work, and not having any close by relatives to care for me. By this time my children were grown, but they all lived in a different state and led busy lives. I didn't want to be a burden on them. They had no idea of what I was going through. I had to much pride to tell them I was homeless. Some days it was all I could do to leave the shelter I was staying at, when they had room for me, to go out on the street and try to blend in with the rest of the world. All I wanted to do was to lay down and sleep.

Somehow, I got the strength to go to the library to find out about anything I could about natural remedies and local resources. Once I was assigned a computer to use, I couldn't even remember how to type. I just sat there in front of the monitor and keyboard not knowing what to do. I started to cry. It felt hopeless. No one cared, and I was going to die. A lady came over to help me, and suddenly my fingers started remembering what to do. I poured all my energy into researching everything I could about spiritual awareness and natural ways of healing with food.

The only resource I had, besides state medical care, was food stamps the shelter helped me get. So, I was looking for types of food that could help with pain, anxiety, inflammation, and ways to shrink tumors. I remembered my grandmother telling me about old homemade remedies, like sassafras tea, and figured surely there had to be something online about what people use to use for illnesses before prescription medicines took over. I not only found out about foods that that could help with the symptoms I was having, that no one told me about, I also found ways to help with the blood clotting problem I was having, and with balance for the vertigo I had been suffering from because of the TIA's (transient ischemic attacks) caused by the blood clots. I even found ways to lower my high blood pressure and triglycerides.

I was able to buy spices such as turmeric for pain and inflammation, garlic, raw honey and cinnamon to boost my immune system and fight off infections and viruses, and onions to help with my blood pressure. I used ground cloves to fight off fungus in my body. I started off using too much of them and got sick. I done more research and started using them consistently at a moderate level. It was working. I found out that by doing a certain yoga exercise for balance with my ear down toward the floor that my balance got a lot better. The more I learned the more hope I had at having a normal life. I started remembering my Uncle Ray teaching me about positive thinking and being grateful for blessings in life, and I got the will to live again. I found that with spiritual awareness, some spicy natural remedies, and with a few balancing exercises that life was a lot sweeter than it had been before I started fighting for my life. 

Me Today

I'm able to drive again! That's right. The vertigo is gone, and I can drive and live an almost normal life. Something I have not been able to do on a regular basis in years. I can't begin to tell you how good it feels to be able to have good days most of the time, and to be able to drive down the road without fear of my crashing into a light pole or some innocent person minding their own business taking care of their family. I am not only feeling better, I am looking better, regaining my confidence, and socializing again. By the grace of God, and with the help of some good doctors and nurses, some simple exercises, and eating sensibly using some spicy natural remedies it is much easier to enjoy life to the fullest. 

Five years after my mastectomy, and not long before I got that terrible spider bite that set off a chain of events, I looked like I had never gone through cancer. I was strong and full of energy. My hair was long and golden yellow that shined like glitzy jewelry.

Today after many TIA's, breast cancer, enzyme problems, broken bones, and several other things that took a tole on me. I am weather stricken, older, and not as shiny, but I am standing up somewhat straight. That's the main thing. I’m still in this fight. So, I win. Regardless of the outcome. I have beaten the odds, and I have lived over twenty-four years from when they first told me that I only had one to five years to live.  I am blessed and grateful of it.

I Was Brought To Tears To See Her Joy


A few days ago I stopped in a local discount store to see if they had something that I needed. I was in a hurry to get in and out so as to get back home to do the same ole things I normaly do. I got what I needed and hurried straight to the register. There were two lanes open. One had a lane full of people and one with only one couple checking out. So, of course, I stood in the lane with the couple checking out. Suddenly there was a loud squeel, and we all went silent and looked toward the next register over. 

There was a woman that looked to be in her mid to late twenties so excited to receive her own shopping bag full of items she picked out that she was bouncing, and squeeling, and drewling while talking to the others in their group that had already checked out, and who were standing at the end of the register counter. People that I hadn't noticed when I first walked up. She moved over toward them and was showing them her hair brush and other items she picked out. They were all compairing their items, and were all excited to have done a good job getting what they wanted. There were still several people in her line that were waiting anxiously to check out. One of the Life Skill Trainers had to rush off to help one of the ladies find something she was upset about not being able to find.

When they returned just a minute later the young lady was excited to check out too.

I could not contain my tears. Tears for those lovely people so innocent from the limitations to make life's choices to do what ever they wanted to do what is considered to be a disability, tears of joy for seeing such true  happiness over such a small thing that most of us take for granted, tears of a reality check that I have three grandchildren with brain damage who are hindered from living a so called normal life and who may one day be just like the young lady that was so excited to get her own shopping bag. Tears for one of my grandsons because he was born premature without tearducts, and now after having surgies to correct the problem we find out that he is completely blind in one eye, and going blind in the other. He is very smart, but if the blindness continues he too will need assistance to buy things when he gets older.

By the time I reached the car I had tears of shame for being in such a hurry to do nothing, and tears of being grateful to still be alive, and even tears of appreciation to of not been left with such brain damage from all the TIAs and other stuff going on in my neck that I too could have been more disabled than what I was. I cried to God to please forgive me for forgetting who I am. A prayer warrior meant to help everyone I can with what I can, and with joy in my heart. Not just doing what had to be done just because it needed to be done feeling like it was a duty, but instead, doing it with realization that it was a privilege to be able to do it. 

I once wanted to be a Recreational Therapist to help people just like those people that were in the store. I let life distract me. I was ashamed of myself for that too. I use to volunteer and do more for people before I got sick. I could be doing more than I do now. I was ashamed of that too. I pray that God uses me to help others the best way I can, and for those beautiful people in the store to be able to live long happy lives as they journey through life's trials. I thank God for the people who work with them, and dedicate their time to helping other people have a better quality of life than what they would have had without their help. God bless, and have a great day.


My "I believe" faith kept me alive.

I held on to my belief that thoughts and words have power in our lives even when it felt like I was dying. I was, and I still am, thankful for every day I can be on this beautiful earth. I love life, and people, and I know that I am lucky to be alive. I have survived some truly horrible things in life, and I have had to watch others suffer, and sometimes die, and I still hold on to my faith that words have power. God made us in his image. 

We have natural resources that help us with some of our symptoms we get from different illnesses. Those natural resources are where a lot of medications origin from. Doctors and scientist research and use those resources to aid us in our treatment of those illnesses. Most of us do not have the education to know about the resources we could use to help ourselves. Rather it be from professional education or from life teachings passed down through family generations. As time has passed most traditional teachings have disappeared because we have turned to technology for our knowledge. Technology is only as smart as what those who have programmed it to be. People only put what they thought was most important in those programs to save data space or time. They left out many things that had been passed down through generations that were used for daily survival by our ancestors.

Now days you must have a higher education in natural resources, or do special research, just to find out how to learn about positive thinking,  or what some of those natural or simple remedies are that could help us have a better quality of life. Natural remedies that can help us become cancer survivors. I was fortunate enough to have had elderly family members who still practiced using some of those old home remedies, and who taught me the importance of using them. I unfortunately had a series of TIA's (Transient Ischemic Attack) that caused me to have stroke symptoms. I believe it started from a blood clot I got in my foot after getting a nasty spider bite. I wasn't using any type of home remedy at the time. I thought it would be okay, and just kept going to work everyday.

Suddenly I had severe pain in my foot, then leg, and then I had a TIA so bad that it sound like a gun went off in my head. I  seen white, and then it felt like someone threw me into my body across the room. I crawled on the floor dazed and not able to see, and it felt like my heart was constantly fluttering. Not beating. I tried to call out for help, but I couldn't talk. I don't know how long I was like that before my son-in-law found me and helped me get an ambulance. By the time the ambulance arrived my heart was beating again, but not normal, and I had blurry vision. I was treated in the emergency room and released. The Now next day I had one even worse.

For about four months I had continuious TIAs and couldn't walk at all without assistance. After that for about four or five months I would bounce off the walls  as if though I were drunk when I walked.  My doctors sent me to Little Rock to see a cancer specialist, and before I could get in to see the doctor I had a TIA so bad that I was hospitalizied for four days. I had to have physical therapy to learn how to walk and brush my teeth again.  After that I suffered what seemed like perminent vertigo and short term memory problems, among other things, but my instinct to survive went into automatic mode and used information stored in my long-term memory that I didn't even know that I had. The hardest part of having the TIA's was surviving them. 

The TIA's themselves did not hurt. What hurt was trying to breath and walk straight afterwards. I had severe memory problems and could barely walk. I was falling towards my left with almost every step I took. Some doctors, and insurance companies, say that is a reason not to help stroke victims. It is more costly when the patient survies, and they lead poor quality lives. But, they don't take into consideration that the person might want to take that chance and that it would be worth the uphill  fight to stay alive. Once the patient heals, or gets better it's all just a memory. Just llike everything else. It actually makes life more meaningful. Getting to this point truly was a hard battle.

I met and married a man I didn't even know. At the time I thought I was dying, he was the only one willing to help me, and I didn't want to live together in sin. So I married him. At first he seamed Heaven sent. Or so I thought. It didn't last long before we were seperated. I became homeless from not being able to work, and ended up in St. Louis staying in shelters because that was where I was from, and in Little Rock I was harassed by my husband. I had no family who still lived in St. Louis, but with the aid of caring strangers I somehow managed to find my way around the big city. My instinct knew I needed shelter, food, and medical care. 

The people running the shelters were very helpful in giving me information about the resources that could help me, but I had no one to help me get around to get help with those resources. I had no one to even help me remember to try to use the resources. I could have just floated around lost not knowing what to do or where to go. Instead, my body done what it had been instructed to do without my even thinking about it. My guardian angel was guiding me. I truly believe that because I could not remember anything unless I wrote it down, and then I couldn't remember it unless I remembered to read what I had written down. It is a miracle that I survived. My memory has gotten better now, and as I look back on those days, I can't help but feel grateful that I am still alive. I am also grateful that my grandmother had shared some of the things she had learned during her lifetime. Things that stayed with me even when I could not consciously think of them.

My belief that I was going to be okay bewildered people. They thought I was delusional for believing that God must have been letting me get that sick before healing me so that others, and myself, could see that miracles still exist. As delusional as it sounded at the time, they cannot deny the fact that I am still alive and kicking. If I gave into what they believed I would have been long gone. I survived with positive thinking that God was going to save me, and with the help of some spicy natural remedies to aid me with some of the inflamation symptoms and side effects that I was having. 

I was barely functional at the time. However, my instincts led me to go to the library to learn natural ways of healing. The kindness of the librarian who help me with the computer put me in the position for my instincts to kick in at the right time in the right place. After having a crying episode from not remembering how to type, and after the libarian helped me with a typing tool,  I instinctively researched the things planted in my memory by my grandmother. I could not remember much, but I knew what to look up.

Both of my grandmother's taught against sugar. I couldn't remember why, but something made me research sugar. What I learned was that cancer feeds off sugar. Some cancers use our hormones as food too. As mine was. By doing so it threw my system out of whack. Some days I didn't know if I was standing up or laying down. Literally. I would feel like I was falling while setting down. Even scarier was the times I would stop breathing for no reason, and then I would suddenly gasp for air. It was like having bad sleep apnea spells while being wide awake. My brain would forget to tell my body to breath. Sort of like walking dead. I had very little appetite, but I was swelling, and my weight went from one hundred forty-four pounds to almost one hundred and eighty pounds. 

None of my clothes fit me right. Most of them were too little or too big for me, and when people stared at me I would  feel self-conscious about how I looked. No matter how healthy I tried to eat I just kept swelling up more and more. The more I learned about how some foods make more sugar in our bodies than others the more I realized that the so called healthy food I was eating was killing me. I had always been a soda and sweet tea junkie. I knew it had to go, so one day I said goodbye to the only two forbidden things that I allowed myself to have. I even cut down on sweet fruits because they turned into pure sugar in my body. The not so sweet fruits were okay, but my favorites were a thing of the past as were my sweet tea and soda. After a couple of days without sugar and soda my stomach cramped, and I was extra nurveous. I was having withdrawl from not having caffeine and sugar every day. Within a week or so I lost a little weight, but not much. So, I done more research...

Light shining on praying hands in the dark.

Light shining on praying hands in the dark.





So, what happened?

 I realized that the things my grandmother talked about when I was growing up were the very things, I needed to help me with the symptoms I was having. I found out that just by taking away refined sugars and adding some simple spices and certain foods to my diet, that I could stop feeding the cancer with unnecessary sugar and hormones. I could also turn some of the damage around. Some of my favorites are...  



Raw Clover Honey

Clear jar of dark honey with honey pouring into a clear bowl.

 Two tablespoon of Raw Honey daily with Cinnamon is a good antioxidant that rids the body of impurities, fights inflammation, and helps fight cancer and other illnesses.  


Cinnamon sticks wrapped in red ribbon with cinnamon see.

 One to two teaspoons of Ceylon Cinnamon or one half to one teaspoon of Cassia Cinnamon mixed into raw honey (too much cinnamon a day causes liver damage. Something they don't tell us when we overload our self with cinnamon sweets) helps with metabolism, is a good antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, helps lower high blood pressure by lowering LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides, increases HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol), lowers blood sugar levels, helps fight Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, helps fight cancer by reducing cancer growth, fights bacteria and fungus, and is a good anti-viral remedy.   


Three colorful sacks of Turmeric in  different shades of orange and yellow.

One half teaspoon three times a day of turmeric cooked lightly in my meals with a small amount of cayenne pepper in a good source of fat (such as fish or milk) works as a great anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant that helps fight arthritis, depression (works like Prozac), and Alzheimer’s disease by boosting brain function. It helps blood pressure by reducing blood clots, and fights cancer by killing cancer cells and slowing tumor growth. I blend in garlic, parsley, onion, and cloves.  


Whole garlic.

 Another natural remedies item on my "How To Survive Cancer" list is one half to one teaspoon of ginger once a day early in the morning is a strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that helps me survive cancer and fight cold and flu symptoms by reducing nausea and aids digestion. It is also used to help with arthritis and muscle soreness. It too boosts brain function and helps with Alzheimer’s disease, helps to lower blood pressure, fights bacteria and cancer.  I mix it into my scrambled eggs with oatmeal mixed with a little milk and no sugar. I do not mix this with the cloves. Every time I tried it would cause me to get nauseous. I keep them at least two hours apart. 



  Garlic is a big deal in my home. I use a lot of it, but only cook it lightly in my meals. Two to four cloves of fresh garlic daily are high in manganese, vitamin C, and vitamin B6. Garlic boosts the immune system and helps to fights colds and viruses. It lowers cholesterol and high blood pressure. It's helps to fight Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, and infectious diseases. It reduces fatigue and detoxes the body of metals, and helps with menopause, inflammation, osteoarthritis, and bone density.  

Ground Cloves

Small white round bowl of ground cloves.

 One thing on my "How to Survive Cancer” home remedies list is one-sixth to one-eighth teaspoon of ground cloves no more than once to twice a day to fight off fungus, boosts brain function, and it helps to fight cancer by stopping the growth of tumors. It is an anti-bacteria agent, and aids liver health by detoxing the body but can cause liver damage if taken in high doses. It helps fight osteoporosis, and lowers blood sugar, and aids digestion and helps heal stomach ulcers.  

Dark Chocolate

Squares of dark chocolate.

 Dark chocolate is good to have on the  natural remedies list. It sooths and relaxes me and is a good antioxidant to fight inflammation and to survive cancer. It helps me with positive thinking by putting me in a happy place. 

Dark Cherries and Blueberries


 A hand full of dark tart cherries and fresh blueberries every day is a good antioxidant and fights inflammation. Dark cherries burst cancer cells so my immune system can fight off the disease. I would not recommend eating this if you have an aggressive cancer until after you have it under control unless your doctor says you can. 

Wild Caught Pink Salmon

Raw skinned fresh pink salmon.

 Wild caught Pink Salmon a couple times a week gives my body the healthy fat I need for cholesterol and good brain health.  

Broccoli and Fresh Spinach

Picture of a spinach smoothie in a clear glass with a green and white striped  straw.

 Broccoli and fresh spinach are two more to add to the natural remedies list as some of the how to survive cancer foods. They are good  antioxidants that are full of vitamin C, and it is said they fight cancer by slowing it down. Be careful if you have gout. Too much of any dark green vegetable, fish, or wheat will trigger gout symptoms.   

Cashews, Pecans, and Walnuts

Picture of shelled walnuts.

 A hand full of these delicious nuts give me healthy fat, fiber, and satisfy my snack cravings. They lower bad cholesterol and blood pressure. They are full of copper, iron, magnesium, and zinc. The magnesium helps with muscle cramps. 


Peeled baby carrots.

 Carrots are a good source of natural remedies with lots of fiber to help me survive cancer. They have Vitamin A and C, and beta-carotene. I think a lot of us have heard that they are good for our eyes. I know that when I eat them, they give me a small burst of energy. They are night-root vegetables, and some people say not to eat them, but I believe the power they have to explode cells in our body, that work like little jets for energy, may work like the dark cherries and burst cancer cells allowing my immune system to attack the cancer. I eat them fresh or heated on low with spices until they are tender. I eat them  without any sweetener or salad dressing. 

Fresh green olives next to a white sqaure bowl half full of olive oil.

Vidalia Onion

One half medium to one small Vidalia Onion daily is good for reducing blood clots, high blood pressure, and cholesterol. It helps with asthma, bronchitis, colds, cough, and viruses. It aids digestion, helps to cure ulcers, is good for oral infections, tooth decay, and helps fight cancer. I eat it raw or cook it no more than five minutes over medium heat to save the healing powers it possesses. I found that if I eat too much of this that I would get a large amount of dry skin on the bottom of my feet. When that happened, I would mix one teaspoon each of Vitamin D ointment, cocoa butter, and Vitamin E oil and applied it to my feet twice daily. Within just one day my feet would look and feel better. After a couple of days, they would be healed.  


Sauerkraut puts good bacteria in your stomach to help fight bad bacteria. I eat it once to twice a week slightly warmed up and plain. 

Cayenne Pepper

 One-eighth to one-fourth teaspoon Cayenne Pepper helps blood cells explode and allows your immune system to attack free radicals. Some say not to use pepper because your liver can't flush it. I don't know if they are referring to black pepper or cayenne pepper. Personally, I use Cayenne Pepper because I was told not to eat black pepper when I had kidney stones. Since I stopped using black pepper I haven’t had any more problems with kidney stones. 

Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

 One to two tablespoons of Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil are a good Omega 3 for your cholesterol. I use it uncooked on my vegetables, and I also cook my scrambled eggs in it on low heat so as not to cause it to break down. 


 Parsley every day helps to get rid of bad breath and  body odor caused from eating a lot of the fish and garlic. 

Ground Flaxseed

 One to two tablespoons of ground Flaxseed is a good Omega 3 to fight cholesterol. It is a good antioxidant that helps fight off diseases. It also makes a natural estrogen hormone, so cancer patients who have hormone related cancer need to be careful not to use too much. Or not at all may be best.  I love it because it can be used as an egg replacement in recipes to help hold them together, and it makes your hair shiny. It can even restore your natural hair color if you have early grey hair due to vitamin deficiency.  


Fresh baked turkey.

 Eating plain turkey without bread about thirty minutes to an hour before going to bed helps me rest better because it naturally makes L-tryptophan, niacin a B-vitamin, serotonin, and melatonin to help you relax and feel better. Some say that it doesn't work. If that is true, then the power of belief kicks in because it works for me. It is also supposed to work good for anxiety too. 

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

One to two tablespoons of Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar have good antibacterial benefits. It helps to thin your blood, and lower cholesterol. It helps with leg cramps, and muscle soreness. It helps to lower blood sugar, and it is good for an upset stomach, bad breath, sinuses drainage, and aids in losing weight. It naturally has pectin in it, so people on some blood pressure and other medicines may not be able to take it. 

Vanilla Fragrance Oil

 Vanilla, and a few other fragrances, are good natural remedies to survive cancer because they relax me and give me a since of wellbeing. It is also good as a skin oil because it stimulates the skin and acts as an antioxidant to cleans the body of free radicals that cause disease. 

Yoga Balancing Exercises

 Learning how to use some balancing exercises helps me with my balance, give me more energy, helps me to feel better and more confident about my movements. It is also good with connecting to my inner self so that I can vision the cancer breaking apart and melting away, and it helps to  balance my system at the core. 

Vertigo Exercises

When my eyes start to float or flutter, I know it is time to do my vertigo exercises. I lay on the bed on my back and let my head hang off the end. Then I turn on my left and let my head hang down, then my back again, then my right side, and back over on my back. I then roll over on my stomach and let my head hang down from that angle. I do this for about 10 minutes. If I feel a little unsteady, I get down on the floor on my knees and put my forehead on the floor, then roll my head over while keeping in contact with the floor and put my right ear as flat on the floor as I can. I roll to the center and on over to my left ear. Then back to my forehead. I stretch my body out straight with my chin on the floor, and then slowly raise myself up off the floor. Usually this works for me.

Listening to Music

 I love to listen to music. I believe it should always be included on a how to survive cancer list. Music sooths my nerves, and then it excites me and helps me to stay in a positive thinking mode so that I can write a motivational blog. I can't help tapping to the beat. I love to exercise my lungs with singing. I'm not sure what my family or the neighbors think about it. I know I can't sing good, but no one has complained yet. I get short of breath, but I push myself as far as I can, afterwards I am able to cough up some of the stuff down in my lungs. Emphysema hurts when you can't get enough air to breath. So, I try to exercise my lungs as often as possible. I would much rather sing than to blow hard in one of those stubborn little funnel tubes. 


Blueberry smoothie in a clear glass with blueberries and a mint leaf on top.

What are my favorite home remedies?


The most FAQ I am asked is about what my favorite remedies are.  I think my favorite ones are garlic, cinnamon, raw clover honey, turmeric, and onions. They just sound like spices we put in our meals every day. The truth is that they pack a powerful punch if you eat enough of it. High doses can leave a bad taste in your mouth, and some don't mix together very well. Like ginger and ground cloves. They both are good for an upset stomach, but in my experience, I found that if they taken together, they can interact against each other and cause an upset stomach.

I like raw honey because it is one of Mother Nature's natural resources to help our body heal itself. It is known to be good to help regulate sugar problems, ease seasonal allergies, it is a good antioxidant to help get rid of free radical toxins in our bodies. so, our bodies can better heal on their own without a lot of drugs. It is good for cough and cold symptoms and makes your hair shiny. When taken with a teaspoon of cinnamon every day I have more energy, feel better emotionally, have fewer coughs, and I get sick a lot less than most people around me. I am not able to take a flu shot due to medical conditions, so cinnamon and honey mixed together is my go-to item for flu prevention. That and lots of vidalia onions, garlic, and turmeric.

The onions boost my immune system and give me anti-inflammatory relief. They help to keep my cholesterol in control without cholesterol medication. I use apple cider vinegar to ward off infections and any virus that may be lurking around looking for a new host to cling to. I also use turmeric as an anti-inflammatory aid, and to fight off cancer and tumors. It has been known to stop tumor growth. I have had ten large lymphomas removed from my back, I wasn't using turmeric back then. Since using turmeric, I haven't had any to get any larger that I know of.

What is my favorite snack?

One of the FAQs is about what I snack on since I don't eat sugary items from the stores. My favorite is Frozen dark cherries and blueberries. They satisfy my sweet craving, they are crunchy, and they are full of vitamins and anti-inflammatory and antioxidants benefits. I don’t eat more than a cup or two full. I don't want to get a juice belly or high triglycerides. I was eating way too much and made my triglycerides go off the chart. Finding out that my triglycerides number was 603 was scary. Exercise, and extra spices brought it back down. 

What foods do I avoid?


That's an easy part of the conversation to answer. All corn products including corn syurp, tomatoes, inverted sugar,  glycerin,  mono and diglycerides, triglycerieds, all diet and low fat products including sodas, white potatoes, bleached wheat, and citrus acid. I love them. They are delicious. But corn is mostly modified and full of chemicals that builds up toxins and causes inflammation. Tomatoes because they cause inflammation,  glycerin because my body wont process it, white potatoes and bleached wheat because of the chemicals and starch in them make it hard on my kidneys to function properly, and it raises my sugar level.

I also try to stay away from products with citrus acid and other acids.  Our bodies make an acid to break them down when we die.  When we eat things with acid in it our bodies think it is time to start breaking down. As a result we age faster,  and our bodies immune system works overtime to rebuild thus making us prey for viruses and diseases.

I try to stay away from anything in a can that has citrus acid. I try to avoid all processed foods and foods that are covered in farming chemicals or stored for a long time. To me eating all those preservatives is like eating embalming fluid. It can't be good for you. I love soda too, but it doesn't love me. It causes inflammation, gas, and for me to gain weight. So, I had to give it up.

I stay away from all diet food and low fat food because they are filled with fillers. I choose the real deal. So, give me full flavor any time. I think real milk has to be better than the arificial fillers they put in low fat milk to preserve it. What I do to cut down callories and cholesterol is just cut it in half or one third and add water to it. It last longer, I have less callories and cholesterol in it, and it doesn't taste any less watered down than low fat or skim milk. Without all the fillers  we get in store bought low fat stuff.  I eat most everything made from scratch, fresh vegetables, and lean meat.  With an occasional homemade ice cream, chicken nugget, and a little soda without citrus acid. 

I'm Alive! I Am A Cancer Suvivor!

Boardwalk  into the calm blue-green ocean, with a hut on it, and clouds with sun shining through.

How do I say those words out loud when so many are hurting?

I asked myself that question before trying to write about what God has done for me with my surviving the horrible things I have been through. My wonderful Grandma Dorthy didn't have breast cancer, instead she  had Lymphoma cancer, and she use her own remedies to live for years with cancer. It wasn't even cancer that took her out. It was a stupid blood clot from getting a staph infection from someone caring for someone else that had staph. She lived a long hard, but full, life. Yet she is gone. My sister Sarah, and a couple of uncles, had liver cancer. They are gone too. So is my momma. 

I miss them all very much. I felt guilty when my sister died in 2008 after I had survived cancer surgeries and complications. I couldn't understand why God let me live and not them. Not my eldest brother who had Leukemia, or my eldest son and a couple of grandchildren who were all born too early. What made me so special? I don't know. Maybe it was to live so that I can tell you what I lived and survived through. Some of the things I have seen, and some things I seen others go through. Maybe it was just because it wasn't my time yet. All I know is that I have been told by many, not one or two, that I am different. Not in a good or bad way. Just different.  that's okay with me, because I like me the way I am. I don't care if I am different from what the world thinks I should be. I don't cheat. I care about people. I try to do the right thing because it's the right thing to do. I don't judge people by how they look, or how much money they have or don't have. 

I try to forgive those who have done me wrong because they don't understand me, or because they had issues of their of their own that they needed to work on. I'm not a saint by no means, and I fail a test occasionally when it comes to people trying to test my  on purpose from trying to prove that I am not the Christian that I believe I am. I love life. I truly love this big beautiful world, and everything and everyone in it that God created. I care about everyone rather I know them or not, and I don't care who thinks that it is weird of me to care about others like that. Personally, I think that if others would care more about this world we live in and the people in it instead of living for the moment in a destructive way then we all could get along a lot better. 

No matter what country we are from, or how we look, if we would see the worth in others then we all would be a lot happier. Even the ones who don't want to be happy, or don't want others to be happy because they are not happy. People say that is impossible. No it's not. You just have to make a conscious effort to purposely change your thoughts when a bad thought crosses your mind about someone. After doing it for a while it will become natural, and the new generations will learn a new way of seeing things. Right is not wrong, and wrong is not Right. 

My using that kind of thinking is what helps me deal with cancer, and other things in life. Sure, I get my feelings hurt when someone goes out of their way to try to hurt me just to prove that I am no better than they are, and once in a while I wine about it. But what they don't understand is that I never thought I was better than them to begin with. There was no reason to hurt me to prove they were stronger, or better, than I am. There is no reason for me to prove to anyone that I am stronger or better than they are either. I'm not in the military fighting for my life or defending others. I am just a woman fighting against cancer for my right to live like everyone else. How do I do that? By not thinking about it. I don't dwell on it. I try to stay focused on other things. I think that thoughts and words have power. So, I have no intentions if giving cancer any more power than what it deserves. 

I do, however, try to stay away from all sugar. I don't eat a lot of flour items because it makes its own sugars and hormones that the cancer feeds on. I eat food that is known to shrink cancer, or tumors, and I vision the cancer literally exploding and melting as I swallow the delicious food, and I allow myself to feel satisfaction as if I ate some mouthwatering dark chocolate. I practiced on seeing the cancer melting as it exploded instead of visioning it exploding and floating off. The first time I made a conscious effort to try this method of killing cancer I could vision it floating off. I suddenly realized that if it floats off it spreads. That wasn’t going to get it. So, I purposely would vision it melting and disappearing while I ate dark cherries. The cherries represented the cancer. It took practice, but it worked for years. 

I would get flares ups of getting sick from different things when I was over stressed from being around people who were making life more stressful than it had to be. I still loved them, and stuck it out to help them, but the stress was killing me. I literally could feel the cancer grow. I had to put myself in check and start working on visioning the cancer shrinking and exploding again. It may sound silly to some people, but I believe that God gave us the power to let our bodies protect themselves from harmful things. To a certain extent within reason of course. 

Our bodies were not made to last forever. We all have to die one day. I believe that we have an eternal living soul, and that there is another realm waiting for us. I also believe that how we live this life determines what kind of life we have after we pass through this life. A lot of people don't believe that way. Some people think when you die you don't  exist anymore. Someone is wrong, and I would rather it be me. We will get it right sooner or later. I prefer sooner. Not because I am afraid of a living hell. I believe there is a hell, Instead, I want to get it right so that I can stand by God and worship him in the best way possible because he deserves it. He is above all. He is my creator. I am not an accident.

I believe in evolution, but not the way they teach it in school. I believe God had a starter blue print and built up from there. Who was first I don't know? That's like which came first, " the chicken or the egg", kind of thing. It doesn’t really matter as long as we love each other, help each other, treat each other right, and take care of our beautiful earth that's all that really matters besides loving God and thanking him for allowing us a chance to be here to do such things. Am I mushy or delusional? I don't think so, but, like I said earlier I would rather it be me that is wrong than to not believe and find out different when I pass over. 

Everyone has to admit there are universal feelings we all have and share, rather people admit it or not. People are taught to be rude, and to be racist, they are not born that way. So, I try to remember where I stand in this world, I try to help who I can, and treat people the way I want to be treated. The way all people and animals should be treated. Decent. I pray to God every day, and even though some people get mad at me for doing it, I pray for other people too. So, I pray that you find your inner strength, and that if you are faced with a life-threatening illness that you are able to use that strength to help you become a survivor and live to tell about it too. God bless you 


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