Book of how I survived cancer with positive thinking and natural remedies.

Spicy Natural Remedies

About ME

I Care

I want to share my story with you so that it may encourage someone not to give up on whatever you are fighting to stay alive. I know what it is like to be so sick that you cannot take care of yourself without help. I know the hardships that it causes on you and your family. I, and others,  want you to know we care about your pain and what you or your loved one maybe going through. 

Natural Healing

I am not against modern medicine. However, I believe that unless it is an emergency or an agressive illness some of todays modern medicine is so dangerous from the chemicals used in some of them that they should be the last thing to turn to instead of the first thing.  I believe that nature has given us natural remedies to help aid our bodeys healing it's self, and that with the power of positive thinking and natural remedies we can live a much better quality life than what we would live with our bodies full of toxins from using toxic chemicals. After all, dying from cancer complications is not dying from cancer. Instead it is most likely dying from the stuff someone took to keep the cancer from killing them.

What I learned

 I am not a doctor or pharmacist. I am only a cancer survivor who has survived cancer for over thirty years with using positive thinking and natural remedies to help keep it in control for as long as I can, and to help me with some side effects I have had from cancer and other illnesses, and from some of the medicines I have had to take. I want to share with you a little about my background as to how I learned about natural remedies, and the research I done on how to use some natural remedies, and about the exercises I used to help me with vertigo and other symptoms and side effects. Please do not change your diet or exercise program without talking to your doctor first. Some food and exercises can interact with certain diseases and medications. What may help me might harm you or your loved one.

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