I Survived with Using Positive Thinking and Natural Remedies


Hi, I'm Virginia

I have survived breast cancer, lupus, and other illnesses with the help of positive thinking and some spicy natural remedies. I learned about positive thinking from my uncle, and most of the things I used to help me with inflammation and side effects from medications I was taking, and from the illnesses I was dealing with, were the same home remedies that I learned about from my grandmother when I was growing up.


About Me - I Care!

I care about what you and or someone you care about are going through. I know what it is like to be sick and others not understand the severity of it because you fight every day to be as normal as you possibly can, try to keep yourself in the best shape you can even though it hurts, and or because until the worst part hits you look normal to them. Or because they had never had to go through it so they couldn't possibly comprehend what it is like to go through the things you have gone through. I know what it is like to be so sick that I couldn't work or take care of myself, and since I had no local family around to help me I wound up homeless walking the streets in the day looking for a safe place to go to so I could get out of the heat or cold and find some place where I could sit down before I fell down from being so tired. Then I had to stand in a long line for hours in the afternoon so that I could be one of the first fifty women to get in a night shelter for a chance to have a camping cot to sleep on and be able to take a shower and have a hot meal afterwards. Or to at least be able to have a sleeping bag to sleep in on a gym floor with many other women so as to have protection from the night guards.while we slept on the hard cold floors. I know what it is like to struggle to get medical care, and to be misdiagnosed for the good and the bad, and to wait for assistance from programs who are supervised by people that are overloaded with work from too many cases to handle in a reasonable amount of time. Without the grace of God, and a few simple spicy remedies, I am sure I would have died a long time ago. Because, not only did the doctors tell me once that I had about one and a half years to live I was told on several occasions that I did not have long to live. The first time I was told that as an adult it was in 1995. Look at me now. I'm still kicking, and I want to share my story with you so that someone out there may find hope and not give up on whatever it is they are going through.


What Do I Believe?

I believe in focusing on the colors in life and that thoughts and words have power. In my opinion, I also believe that God gave our bodies the ability to heal themselves under certain circumstances. I am not saying that I do not believe in modern medicine, that is fine when it comes to needed surgery, or sudden illnesses or injuries that make us so sick that we may not be able to concentrate on the power of thinking positive or have time to heal naturally. However, for long term illnesses we do have the ability to have some control over our bodies and how they heal. So, I believe that using modern medicine should be used as a last resort when we are not able to use home remedies to cure our illness or keep it in control. Think about it. Dying from cancer complications is not dying from cancer. It is most likely dying from the side effects from what someone took to keep cancer from killing them. I believe that is why most doctors try other methods first before they try aggressive treatments on illnesses that may be treated with natural remedies or milder medicines that have less side effects. That does not mean that we can just start using any ole thing. There are a lot of different medicines and diseases that food and spices help and interact with. We have to talk to our doctors and pharmacist before starting new exercises or adding to or taking away from our diets. After all, what may work for me may harm you, and vise versa. Because of the different ways food and spices affect us I spent what seamed like endless hours of research and months of trial and error using myself as a guinea pig to test my grandmother's homemade remedies, and the other things I learned about, to find out what could help me have more energy and feel better while I fought for my life. 

I prayed, meditated, exercised, added spices, and cut sugar.

I learned how to make everything I ate homemade, and cut out all sugar.

 Slowly my body started healing. I got to where I didn't need my walker all the time, and then I seldom needed it at all, and then I was able to feel like I had a future again and enjoy life. Afterwards, I done what my mother asked me to do and I wrote a book sharing some of what I learned to help me with inflammation and the side effects from medications I took and from the illnesses I was dealing with. I also wrote about some of the struggles I had to go through from being too sick to take care for myself so as to share with others who have also gone through it, and with those who have no ideal what it is like so they might better understand what some people may have to face on a daily bases. Then even if they don't want to help, or can't help, others in need they can maybe have more empathy and maybe not insult people from being so sick. I use to share this information for free, however I can longer afford to do that because it cost to share. What I can do is annually donate ten percent of all net money to children and adult cancer research so as to help find a cure for cancer. I therefore, pledge to donate ten percent of all net money from "Spicy Natural Remedies" and any other writings of mine to cancer research and programs to help people with the cost of cancer care. So, if you decide to purchase any of my books you will be helping others in need too. Remember though, it takes practice to successfully change your thoughts to positive thinking, and before you decide to try any new exercises or natural remedies make sure you ask your doctor and pharmacist about it because like I said before, what may help me might hurt you, and vise versa. 


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