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There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn how I have survived cancer, and other illnesses, by using positive thinking and natural remedies. I hope you enjoy my site and take a moment to drop me a line.

I Win! I am Alive, and I Am A Cancer Survivor!

How Do I Say Those Words Out Loud With So Many People Hurting?


I asked myself that question before trying to write about what God has done for me with my surviving the horrible things I have been through. Hello, my name is Virginia. I am a cancer, and life, survivor. According to some doctors that I met I should have been dead several times over. I have a rare enzyme deficiency disease that keeps me from being able to use, or eat, most products that are available to us in the average store. I am limited to what medications I can have because a lot of things work the opposite on me. I am also a cancer survivor. Cancer runs on both sides of my family, and I was blessed to have grandparents who still used old fashioned home remedies, and who took the time to teach me some of them.

My wonderful Grandma was a cancer survivor too. However, she didn't have breast cancer, instead she had Lymphoma cancer, and she use her own remedies to live for many years with cancer. It wasn't even cancer that took her out. It was a blood clot from getting a staph infection from someone caring for someone else that had staph. She lived a long and full life. Yet she is gone. My sister Sarah, and a couple of uncles, had liver cancer. I have lost cousins to ovarian cancer, and I lost my half-sister and a couple of cousins to breast cancer. I lost my father, my eldest brother, and a couple of uncles to Leukemia complications. They are all gone. So is my momma. 

I miss them all very much. I felt guilty when my sister died after I had survived cancer surgeries and complications. I couldn't understand why God let me live and not them. Not my eldest brother who had Leukemia, or my eldest son and a couple of grandchildren who were all born too early. What made me so special? I don't know. Maybe it was to live so that I could tell you what I lived and survived through. Some of the things I have seen, and some things I seen others go through. Maybe it was just because it wasn't my time yet. All I know is that I was so sick that I was slowly dying. I couldn't work from being so sick, and I became homeless because of it. I had no relatives that lived close to me, and no one in my family knew I was as sick as I was because I was too sick to tell them. 

I had to stay in a shelter. I was grateful to be off the street, and for the people at the shelter who helped to take care of me. They helped me to get the resources that I needed to survive, but the shelter was closed during the day, and I had to leave and go out into the world with very little balance from the vertigo I was having, and with no money. I could have wondered around that big city with no direction at all, but with the help of strangers I was able to find my way to the library. I could barely remember my grandmother teaching me about the natural remedies she used, and somehow my instincts kicked in and led me to want to know more. I knew that if I was going to survive, I was going to have to stay positive, and I would need to use some of those old-fashioned remedies to help me with the side effects I was having.

Picture of Virginia King wearing a black sweater.
Picture of Virginia King wearing a black sweater.


I Want To Help Others

I want others who are suffering pain, vertigo, nausea, fatigue, anxiety, and depression from any illness, or from side effects from prescription medications, to know that I care about what you or someone you care about are going through. I want to share my journey about some of the struggles I went through from not being able to support myself because of my illness being so bad, and the simple things I done that help me have a better quality of life. I think the hardest part was learning how to relearn how to learn, and how to be consistent while I used my body as a human guinea pig to test my research on natural remedies. Though I still am not healed, I have a better life than what I had before I discovered the power inside me and spicy natural remedies.

Please understand that I am not a doctor or nutritionist. I am just a breast cancer survivor who has done a lot of research on home remedies, and who has used some of the things I learned while fighting for my life. I recommend that if you decide to try using any home remedies, or new exercises, that you talk with your doctor and pharmacist first. Some food and spices can interact with certain medications and diseases. What works for me may not work for you, and it may harm you.

What I Believe

 I Believe in the power of positive thinking, I believe that we have a higher power, I believe that we are all born equal and have a life source that is affected by what we believe and who we associate with. Negative attracts negative, and positive attracts positive. I believe that once you fall into the negative zone it is hard to get out of, and that it takes a conscious effort to change your subconscious that retains information without you even trying to. I believe in focusing on the colors to help distract away from what is negative 

About ME

Ancestor tree

My Background

I come from a long line of believers. My Grandmother taught me about Natural Remedies, and my Uncle taught me about God's power and love.

Hands praying dark with light shining on them.

My "I Believe" Faith Kept Me Alive

I have been severely sick only a few times in my life. One of those times was after I had a long-term battle with breast cancer. I had already had a mastectomy, breast reconstruction, and had gone on with my life like nothing had happened. Suddenly life got darker than it ever had, and I got so sick that I became homeless. During that time, I held on to my belief that positive thinking thoughts and words have power in our lives even when it felt like I was dying. 

I was, and I still am, thankful for every day I can be on this beautiful earth. I love life, and people, and I know that I am lucky to be alive. I have survived some truly horrible things in life, and I have had to watch others suffer, and sometimes die, and I still hold on to my faith that words have power. God made us in his image. We have natural resources that help us with some of our symptoms we get from different illnesses. Those natural remedies resources are where a lot of medications origin from. Doctors and scientist research and use those resources to aid us in our treatment of those illnesses. 

Most of us do not have the education to know about the resources we could use to help ourselves. Rather it be from professional education, or from life teachings passed down through family generations, we only know what we have been taught. As time has passed most traditional teachings have disappeared because we have turned to technology for our knowledge. Technology is only as smart as what those who have programmed it to be. People only put what they thought was most important in those programs to save data space or time. They left out many things that had been passed down through generations that were used for daily survival by our ancestors. Things I needed to know to survive what was killing me, so that I could be a cancer survivor.

I was barely functional at the time. However, my instincts led me to go to the library to learn natural ways of healing. The kindness of the librarian who help me with the computer put me in the position for my instincts to kick in at the right time in the right place. After having a few tears from not remembering how to type, and after the librarian helped me with a typing tool, I instinctively researched the things planted in my memory by my grandmother. I could not remember much, but I knew what to look up. Sugar.

Both of my grandmother's taught against sugar. I couldn't remember why, but something made me research sugar. What I learned was that cancer feeds off sugar. Some cancers use our hormones as food too. As mine was. By doing so it threw my system out of whack. Some days I didn't know if I was standing up or laying down. Literally. I would feel like I was falling while setting down.

Even scarier was the times I would stop breathing for no reason, and then I would suddenly gasp for air. It was like having bad sleep apnea spells while being wide awake. My brain would forget to tell my body to breath. Sort of like walking dead.

I had very little appetite, but I was swelling, and I was almost twice the size I was before I got sick. I also had vertigo so bad that I could not walk without my walker. Sometimes I fell over my walker. It was scary to walk on a sidewalk, because I was afraid that I would fall into traffic coming down the road. I knew that I had to do something if I wanted to live long enough to see my family again.

Stack of white rocks with  blue sky in the background.

What Did I do?

I remembered that my grandmother used natural remedies that was passed down to her from her grandmother to help others who were ill, and that my Uncle taught me about God's love and power, and that words have power. I knew that I had to stay positive about being healed. So, I started meditating every day to help me stay positive, and I changed my diet to add the natural remedies I needed to help me with the side effects and symptoms that I was having.

How Did I Do It?

Believe. Think Positive. Below is the method I used to meditate.

Look at medical pictures with the illness, and then look at medical pictures of what your body should look like without the cancer or illness. 

Sit or lay down in a quiet darkish room with a light shining in from another room. Close your eyes. Hear the sounds in the background. Relax and breath. Feel the air in your lungs. Feel what you are sitting or lying on. Feel the air temperature on your skin without touching your skin. Feel the temperature on your fingers. Feel how heavy you are and imagine yourself lighter. Imagine there is a happy feeling in the other room where the light is. 

Imagine that you are going closer to the light to find out what the happiness is. When you get to the light feel its warmth and think of a happy experience you had in the past. Using positive thinking what did it feel like? Imagine the happiness you felt at the time. Feel it again. Let your happiness slowly move over every inch of your body until you fill the heaviness of where you sit or lay with the light feeling of happiness. Let your happiness spread to where the cold hard cancer is, and let it cover the cancer completely. Let the warmth of the happiness soften the cancer. Mentally see the cancer shrink to a smaller size, and then imagine it exploding and vanishing into thin air. (DO NOT IMAGINE IT FLOATING OFF OR IT MAY POSSIBLY SPREAD TO ANOTHER AREA!) 

See a mental picture of the area with no cancer at all. See it as though it was normal. Believe that you are being healed. Give thanks for being healed. Tell yourself and believe that you are a cancer survivor. Feel the happiness of being cancer free and having another chance at life. See yourself doing something fun. Feel the energy and excitement you have. Feel where you sit or lay. Feel your skin, fingers, and toes. Feel how alive they feel. Breath in and feel the fresh air move through every area in your lungs. It feels so good to feel the air in your lungs. Hear the sounds in the background. Open your eyes slowly and see the colors around you.

Be grateful that you can see what you see, feel, and hear what you see, feel, and hear. If you cannot see or hear then be grateful that you can feel. Be grateful that you are alive and have a chance to witness to others to help them overcome what you have already survived. Feel the excitement of being blessed and knowing that you are going to be okay. No matter what, you are going to be okay. This is just a temporary thing that you must go through to prove, or learn, your strength. Even if you must make some changes, one way or another life will go on. Tomorrow is another day. Smile.

This is one of the natural remedies that takes time and practice to perfect. No matter how I felt I did not give up. I done it every day. Afterwards, if I was able, I would listen to happy music or watch a clean comedy movie. Nothing sad. Love, happiness, and laughter heals my spirit, soul, body, and mind.

Below you will find the food, spices, and exercises that I use, why I use them, and how I used them when I was sicker. Remember I am not a doctor. Please do not add food, spices, or exercises to your routine without talking to your doctor first. Some foods and spices interact with some medicines and may cause you harm.

Tools Needed

A recording of your voice talking softly telling you what to do and think. 

Soundtrack of natural beach sounds or some other relaxing sounds of nature. 

Pictures of the different stages of the type of cancer, or illness, that you have.

Normal medical pictures of what the cancer area should look like without cancer.

My Favorites

Cinnamon sticks wth a red ribbon around them, and some whole cloves.

Raw Unfiltered Clover Honey

Two to three teaspoons of Raw Unfiltered Clover Honey daily with Cinnamon is a good antioxidant that helps rid my body of impurities, fights inflammation, and helps me to be a cancer survivor by fighting off cancer and other illnesses.  When I was sicker I would use two tablespoons daily. One in the morning and one at dinner. I would mix it with the cinnamon and make a paste with it. If I got a virus I would add a tablespoon of lemon juice to it, and It would help my throat if it was sore.*  


I use one teaspoon of Ceylon Cinnamon or one-half teaspoon of Cassia Cinnamon mixed into raw honey daily. Too much cinnamon a day causes liver damage. Something they don't tell us when we overload our self with cinnamon sweets. Research tells me that it helps with my metabolism, is a good antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, helps lower high blood pressure by lowering bad cholesterol and triglycerides, increases good cholesterol, lowers blood sugar levels, helps fight Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, helps fight cancer by reducing cancer growth, fights bacteria and fungus, and is a good anti-viral remedy. When I was sicker I doubled the amount I use now. * 


By using natural remedies like one-fourth to one-half teaspoon two to three times daily of turmeric cooked lightly in my meals with a small amount of cayenne pepper in my vegetables and something fatty (such as fish or milk) works as a great anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant that helps with pain from arthritis, depression (works like Prozac), and Alzheimer’s disease by boosting brain function that helps with positive thinking. It helps blood pressure by reducing blood clots, and helps me be a cancer survivor by killing cancer cells and slowing tumor growth. I blend in garlic, parsley, onion, and very little cloves. When I was sicker I used one-half teaspoon turmeric three times a day with lots of garlic and onions* 


Another natural remedies item on my "How to Survive Cancer" list is one half to one teaspoon of ginger once a day early in the morning is a strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that helps me survive cancer and fight cold and flu symptoms by reducing nausea and aids digestion. It is also used to help with arthritis and muscle soreness. It too boosts brain function and helps with Alzheimer’s disease, helps to lower blood pressure, fights bacteria and cancer.  I mix it into my scrambled eggs or one-half cup oatmeal mixed with a little whole milk, one-half teaspoon dark chocolate, and one-fourth cup of mixed fruit. No sugar. I do not mix this with the cloves. Every time I tried it would cause me to get nauseous. I keep them at least two hours apart. * 


Garlic is a big deal in my home. I use a lot of it to fight cancer, but I only cook it lightly in my meals. Two to four cloves of fresh garlic daily when I am sick because it is high in manganese, vitamin C, and vitamin B6. Garlic boosts my immune system and helps to fights colds and viruses. It helps lower cholesterol and high blood pressure. It's also helps to fight Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and other diseases. It helps with fatigue and detoxes my body, helps with menopause symptoms, inflammation, osteoarthritis, and bone density. * 


One thing on my "How to Survive Cancer” home remedies list is about one-eighth teaspoon of ground cloves no more than once a day to help fight off fungus, boosts brain function, and fight cancer by stopping the growth of tumors. It is an anti-bacteria spice that detoxes your liver. Too much of it can hurt your liver. It also helps with osteoporosis, help to control blood sugar by lowering it, and helps heal stomach ulcers by aiding with digestion. * 

More Favorites

Cubes of dark chocolate on a white suare plate with a tall round red candle.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is good to have on the natural remedies list. It is soothing and it relaxes me, and it is a good antioxidant that helps fight cancer and inflammation. It also helps me with positive thinking by putting me in a happy place. I buy the dark cocoa powder and use it for all my chocolate recipes. *  

Cherries and Blueberries

Dark tart cherries and fresh blueberries every day are good natural remedies that work as antioxidants to fight inflammation that helped me become a cancer survivor. Dark cherries burst cancer cells so my immune system can fight off the disease. I would not recommend eating this if you have an aggressive cancer until after you have it under control unless your doctor says you can. * 

Pink Salmon and Tuna

Tuna or wild caught Pink Salmon one to two times a week helps me be a cancer survivor by giving my body the healthy fat I need for my brain that helps with positive thinking. It is also one of the natural remedies that helps with maintaining my cholesterol level. *  

Broccoli and Spinach

Broccoli and fresh spinach are two more to add to the natural remedies list as some of the how to survive cancer foods. They are good antioxidants that are full of vitamin C, and it is said they fight cancer by slowing it down. Be careful if you have gout. Too much of any dark green vegetable, fish, or wheat will trigger gout symptoms. *  


Just a hand full of Cashews, Pecans, or Peanuts every day are good natural remedies for fighting cancer and gives me healthy fat and fiber that also satisfies my snack cravings. They help to lower bad cholesterol and blood pressure. They are full of copper, iron, magnesium, and zinc. The magnesium helps with muscle cramps. Be careful though if you have anxiety issues. Just like potatoes, peanuts have caffeine in them. Too many peanuts can trigger anxiety. *  


Carrots are one of the natural remedies that gives me lots of fiber. They also have Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and beta-carotene. I think a lot of us have heard that they are good for our eyes. I believe that. I also know that when I eat them, they give me a small burst of energy. Some people say not to eat them because they are a night-root vegetable, but I believe that because of the energy bursting power they have that they may work like cherries. They may burst cancer cells allowing my immune system to attack the cancer. I eat them fresh without salad dressing or heated on low with spices until they are tender.  * 

Some More Favorites

Olive oil with ground spices in a   wooden bowl and two wooden scoops.

Vidalia Onions

Vidalia Onions are good natural remedies for reducing blood clots, high blood pressure, and cholesterol. It is known to helps with asthma, bronchitis, colds, cough, and different viruses. It helps with digestion and helps to cure ulcers. It is good for oral infections, tooth decay, and helps fight cancer. Once or twice a day I eat a one fourth to one half inch thick slice raw, or I cook it no more than five minutes over low to medium heat to save the healing powers it possesses. When my cholesterol was too high, I ate one whole small vidalia onion a day. I did not eat one larger than that because I found that if I ate too much of this that I would get a large amount of dry skin on the bottom of my feet. When that happened, I would mix one teaspoon each of Vitamin D ointment, cocoa butter, and Vitamin E oil and applied it to my feet twice daily. Or I would use a skin tonic of two-thirds part grapeseed oil, one-third part coconut oil, with one added teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil for every ounce I made. I would massage it in my feet at bedtime. Within just one day my feet would look and feel better. After a couple of days, they would be healed. * 


Sauerkraut is one of the good natural remedies that puts good bacteria in your stomach to help fight bad bacteria. I eat it as a side dish once to twice a week slightly warmed up and plain. If for some reason my taste buds are not agreeing with me when it is time to eat it, I have something crunchy to eat with it. It seems to take away some of the tart pucker I get, and it helps with positive thinking by alloweing me to enjoy it more. Not only is it a good bacteria item to help become a cancer survivor, I also learned that sauerkraut helps to keep me from having parasite problems. * 

Cayenne Pepper

One-eighth to one-fourth teaspoon Cayenne Pepper helps blood cells explode and allows my immune system to attack free radicals and help fight cancer. Some say not to use pepper because your liver can't flush it. I don't know if they are referring to black pepper or cayenne pepper. Personally, I use Cayenne Pepper because I was told not to eat black pepper when I had kidney stones. Since I stopped using black pepper, I haven’t had any more problems with kidney stones. I don't use very much of it because it is so hot and spicy. I don't want it to cause me to have ulcers. *  

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Another one of the natural remedies I use to be a cancer survivor is one teaspoon to two tablespoons of Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is a good Omega 3 for your cholesterol. I use it uncooked on my vegetables, and I also cook my scrambled eggs in it on low heat so as not to cause it to break down. * 


Eating parsley every day helps fight cancer and helps to get rid of bad breath and body odor caused from eating a lot of fish and garlic. * 

Ground Flaxseed

One to two tablespoons of ground Flaxseed is a good Omega 3 to fight cholesterol, and it is a good antioxidant. It makes a natural estrogen hormone, so cancer patients who have hormone related cancer need to be careful not to use too much. Or not at all may be best.  I love it because it can be used as an egg replacement in recipes to help hold them together, and it makes your hair shiny. It can even restore your natural hair color if you have early grey hair due to a vitamin deficiency. * 

Even More Favorites

Whole roasted turkey on a white platter with white grapes and  fresh parsley.

Fresh Turkey

Eating plain turkey without bread about thirty minutes to an hour before going to bed helps me rest better because it naturally makes L-tryptophan, niacin a B-vitamin, serotonin, and melatonin to help me relax and feel better. Some say that it doesn't work. If that is true, then the power of belief kicks in because it works for me. It is also supposed to work good for anxiety, and helps me stay in a positive thinking mode. * 

Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar

Another thing to be on the natural remedies list to fight cancer is one teaspoon to two tablespoons of Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar helps to fight infection, lower cholesterol, help with blood clots, and cleanse your body of toxins. * Be careful. Don't use this without talking to your doctor first. best has pectin in it and may interact with certain medications. *


Vanilla, and a few other fragrances, are good natural remedies to survive cancer because they relax me and give me a since of wellbeing. I do not use vanilla extracts, or any other extracts, because of the additives in them. If needed I use about one-fourth to one-half teaspoon of molasses for recipes to give them an added flavor. * 

Yoga Balancing Exercises

Learning how to use some balancing exercises was also some good natural remedies that helped me with my balance, gave me more energy, and helped me to feel more confident about my movements. It is also good with connecting to my inner self so that I can vision the cancer breaking apart, exploding, and melting away. It also helps to balance my system at the core. * 

Vertigo Exercises

When my eyes start to float or flutter from the side effects from having cancer, I know it is time to do my vertigo exercises, even before I start to experience vertigo. It helps to lessen the symptoms, and sometimes prevent it from happening. I lay on the bed on my back and let my head hang off the end. Then I turn on my left and let my head hang down, then my back again, then my right side, and back over on my back. I then roll over on my stomach and let my head hang down from that angle. I do this for about 10 minutes. If I feel a little unsteady, I get down on the floor on my knees and put my forehead on the floor, then roll my head over while keeping in contact with the floor and put my right ear as flat on the floor as I can. I roll to the center and on over to my left ear. Then back to my forehead. I stretch my body out straight with my chin on the floor, and then slowly raise myself up off the floor. Usually this works for me, but don't do it without talking to your doctor. *  


I love to listen to music. I believe it should always be included on a how to survive cancer list. Music sooths my nerves, and then it excites me and helps me to stay in a positive thinking mode so that I can write a motivational blog. I can't help tapping to the beat. I love to exercise my lungs with singing. I'm not sure what my family or the neighbors think about it. I know I can't sing good, but no one has complained yet. I get short of breath, but I push myself as far as I can, afterwards I am able to cough up some of the stuff down in my lungs. Emphysema hurts when you can't get enough air to breath. So, I try to exercise my lungs as often as possible. I would much rather sing than to blow hard in a stubborn incentive spirometer. However, I must admit, those help too. * 

My Homemade Skin Solution

I'm Not Embarrassed About My Skin Anymore.

When I was a teenager, I was allergic to the suntan lotions they sold in stores, but I wanted the best tan in town. So, I used baby oil to get the beautiful golden-brown tan that I wanted. I was proud of my glossy brown skin and got compliments about it everywhere I went. My mom told me about the harmful sun rays that was cooking my skin. She told me that I was going to cook like fried chicken if I didn't stop using that baby oil. She wasn't joking. I seldom got a sun burn but when I did it was bad. However, I healed fast, so that didn't keep me from trying to have the prettiest tan in town. I wish I had listened to my mother, because by the time I was fifty years old I had severe sun damage looked like I had skin cancer.

My skin got so bad that it lost a lot of its elasticity, and it was so wrinkled that my hands looked like pale prunes. I had deep wrinkles around my face and eyes, dark brown spots on my neck, purple spots on my head and back, and a white wart on my nose that came out of nowhere. I had little spots and bumps all over my body, and my toenails started turning colors and getting thick. I tried everything I could find to treat the mess that was covering my body. Then one day I was going over my own notes about the natural remedies I use to help me fight cancer and a light bulb lit up in my head. Why hadn't I paid attention to it before? Could it really be that simple? For me it was.

I remembered that grapeseed oil, coconut oil, and extra virgin olive oil all have natural skin healing agents. So, I made a test bottle of my own solution of all three added together. It took a few weeks to get the balance I needed, but it worked like a dream. I mixed two parts cold pressed organic grapeseed oil, one-part cold pressed organic coconut oil, and then added one teaspoon of cold pressed organic extra virgin olive oil for every ounce of solution that I made of the grapeseed and coconut oils. My skin did not feel greasy or clogged. I used it at night before going to bed and when I woke up the next morning my skin looked and felt healthier. Overnight the inflammation in my skin was almost gone. I passed a lot of urine and lost seven pounds in little over a weeks’ time doing nothing different other than using the oil mixture on my skin.

I used this on my face, neck, arms, stomach, thighs, buttocks, hands, and feet. It smoothed out the deep wrinkles on my face, thickened the thin skin on top of my hands and made them look younger and smoother, and made the sun damage on my neck lighter than it was before I started using it. It leveled a white wart that I had on my nose, cleared some skin bumps, and made my toenails clear. It is natural and starts to work over night. After the first week I seen a big difference. I am almost sixty years old, and I do not look twenty anymore, but I don't have the prune looking skin that I had before I started using this homemade solution. I totally love it! I am not charging anyone for my recipe. I believe that everyone has the right to know about natural remedies so they can pass them on to the next generation. Remember that I am not a doctor. I am just a cancer survivor who done a lot of research to use natural remedies to help me fight cancer. If you decide to try it yourself make sure to talk to your doctor first. It is loaded with vitamins and may interact with some medications and conditions.

My hands after one week of using my solution.
My hands after one week of using my solution.

My Favorite Exercises

My red exercise ball and mini stair stepper.

I Force Myself to Exercise Even When I Don't Feel Well

Doctors Insist that we exercise, especially after certain illnesses. I believe this to be true. Not only does exercising regularly give me more energy, it helps me feel better so I can stay in a positive thinking frame of mind. It is also one of the best natural remedies to fight blood clots that I know of. I want to stay a cancer survivor as long as I can, and I don't want any more blood clots building up in my legs, arms, or head. So, I force myself to exercise unless I am extremely ill.

Besides walking and dancing my favorite exercises are ...


I start off by sitting straight up in a chair, and then extend my legs out one at a time. When doing so I stretch my legs while flexing my feet and toes. One at a time I raise my arms up over my shoulder behind my head while placing the other arm behind my back and stretch them towards each other. The goal is to overlap my fingers, but because one of my arms is disfigured, they cannot touch. They don't even come close to it, but I try to use positive thinking and try anyway.


Then I do stretches on the floor. I lay flat on my back and stretch my hands over my head as far as I can while stretching my legs and toes out as far as they will go.  I raise one leg up in the air and cross it over to the other side while flexing my toes. I repeat with the other leg. 


I lay on my back and raise both my legs up in the air.  I spread them out as far as I can, and then bend them in to touch the heals of my feet together. I gently press down on my thighs to put pressure on them. I put my legs back down and stretch them out again.


Then I bend my knees and put my heals flat on the floor and spread my legs apart as far as I can and tilt my hip up and down several times.

I roll over on to my stomach and stretch out as far as I can. I bend one leg up bringing my heal as close to my buttock that I can. Then I pull it towards me with my hand on the same side. I relax it and repeat with the other side. Then I stretch out as far as I can again.


After that I set up and cross one leg in front of me and stretch out to touch my toes on the other leg. I repeat it with the other side. I then put one leg over the other one, and while holding the upper leg in place I slowly twist my upper body the opposite direction. I repeat it using the opposite leg. Then I lean over in front of me as far as I can and move back and forth from left to right, and then back to the left, and then back to the middle.


I then use the strap I got while in physical therapy to put around my feet and pull towards me while resisting with my foot. 


I end my floor exercises with balancing stretches by stretching out as far as I can while standing up straight and reaching out as far as I can with one arm at a time. I then raise my arms straight up over my head and with my feet together I bend my knees. Then I raise one leg up bended and straighten it out. I hold it there as long as I can. Then I repeat it using the other side. I stretch my arms out again, and then stretch my neck slightly in different directions so as not to cause too much pressure on it. Then I relax and drink a glass of water and have a light snack on my natural remedies list that helps me to stay a cancer survivor.

Exercise Springs

I use my exercise spring to help me build strength so as to have the energy to fight cancer and be a cancer survivor. I use it to strengthen my stomach, legs and back.

 While standing, I place my feet in the feet holders, bend my knees, and while holding the handles I pull straight up and hold my position as long as I can. Then I repeat it several times. Then I shake it out.  

Mini Stair Stepper

Natural remedies can come in more forms than just food or spices. It can also be mental or physical methods to fight off cancer and other illnesses. I use my mini stair stepper not only to strengthen my thighs and build muscle, I also use it to help with my balance. While using my mini stair stepper I stretch my arms up over my head and then hold them out to my side while stepping. I also stand straight up on it and do squats with my arms out in front of me and to my side. I do steps and stretches to music to help me keep a rhythm. 

Exercise Ball

I totally love my exercise ball, and I use it all the time. It helps me to keep my blood flowing  by exercising to keep my strength strong enough to fight cancer. I use it for doing pushups, and for sitting on it and trying to balance myself while holding my arms out to the side and raising my feet up off the floor. I can't help but to giggle when I go rolling a little. Sometimes it gets scary when I lose my balance and go flying off towards something. When that happens, I put my feet back on the ground. I also use my exercise ball as a foot stool to hold my feet up while sitting down watching television or working on my laptop. It allows me to move my feet around while them, bending my knees while rolling it towards and away from me, and even pulling my feet up close to me and putting my heals together on it. Besides walking, I think it is my main source of exercise. 

Balancing in Water

Whenever I have the opportunity, I like to do balancing exercises in the swimming pool. The cool water helps me feel good, and it helps me to have positive thinking about fighting cancer. After doing some stretches, I like to use a foam tube in the pool to lean on evenly with my arms. I slowly raise my legs up off the swimming pool floor and bring them straight in front of me as if I was sitting with my legs out straight.  I hold it for about ten seconds, then I slowly lower them and without touching the bottom I keep my knees bent, push the foam tube straight down with both hands so as to keep my balance and to help me pull my legs behind me and slowly straighten them out while slowly raising the foam tube back up to the surface of the water. I float with my back side facing upwards while holding my head up out of the water and my arms crossed holding the foam tube firmly so as not to lose my grip or balance. I hold it for as long as I can. I also like to lean backwards on the tube holding on to it with it lined up behind my shoulders. I put my arms over it and swim with backwards strokes.


Have you heard of the fish that swims backwards? I like to swim backwards too, but it's hard for me to do. While holding on to the foam tube I balance myself, and with my feet raised up off the pool bottom I make my legs and feet do running motions as if I was pedaling a bicycle. I make sure to keep my toes at an angle to push the water away from me to go forward. I do this from one side of the pool to the other side. then before I touch the other side, I switch the direction my feet are going as if I was pedaling backwards. I make sure to keep my toes angled to pull the water towards me. It's hard, but after a few seconds I start to go backwards, and I adjust the tube holding on to it firmly with my forearms laying on it to keep my balance. I do it all the way back to the other side of the pool.


After thirty minutes of doing different exercises in the pool I get out on the low end of the pool using the steps. As I approach the low end, I swish each leg back and forth several times. As I approach the steps I stop right before the bottom step and shake my legs back and forth several times each. As I approach the next step, I stop half-way up and do the same thing. I stop on the next step and do the same thing. I shake each leg back and forth between each step and while standing on the next step. I do this all the way out, and then do it from the pool side while holding on to the handrail. If I must use the ladder to get out with, I do the same thing while sitting backwards on the steps making sure not to lose my grip on the ladder. This keeps me from having a heavy feeling in my legs, or from feeling dizzy and off balance by helping the blood get from my lower legs back up to my heart. * 


Four teaspoons with tan, orange, yellow, and brown colored spices in them.

What Are MY Favorite Natural Remedies?

The most frequently asked questions I am asked is about what my favorite remedies are.  I think my favorite ones are ginger, garlic, cinnamon, raw clover honey, turmeric, ground cloves, and onions. They just sound like spices we put in our meals every day. The truth is that they pack a powerful punch if you eat enough of it. High doses can leave a bad taste in your mouth, and some don't mix together very well. Like ginger and ground cloves. They both are good for an upset stomach, but in my experience, I found that if they are taken together, they can interact against each other and cause an upset stomach.


I like raw honey because it is one of Mother Nature's natural resources to help our body heal itself. It is known to be good to help regulate sugar problems, ease seasonal allergies, it is a good antioxidant to help get rid of free radical toxins in our bodies. so, our bodies can better heal on their own without a lot of drugs. It is good for cough and cold symptoms and makes your hair shiny. When taken with a teaspoon of cinnamon every day I have more energy, feel better emotionally, have fewer coughs, and I get sick a lot less than most people around me. I am not able to take a flu shot due to medical conditions, so cinnamon and honey mixed together is my go-to item for flu prevention. That and lots of vidalia onions, garlic, and turmeric.


The onions boost my immune system and give me anti-inflammatory relief. They help to keep my cholesterol in control without cholesterol medication. I use apple cider vinegar to ward off infections and any virus that may be lurking around looking for a new host to cling to. I also use turmeric as an anti-inflammatory aid, and to fight off cancer and tumors. It has been known to stop tumor growth. I have had ten large lymphomas removed from my back; I wasn't using turmeric back then. Since using turmeric, I haven't had any to get any larger that I know of.

What Is My Favorite Snack?

One of the FAQs is about what I snack on since I don't eat sugary items from the stores. My favorite thing to snack on to fight cancer is Frozen dark cherries and blueberries. They satisfy my sweet craving, they are crunchy, and they are full of vitamins and anti-inflammatory and antioxidants benefits. I don’t eat more than a cup or two full. I don't want to get a juice belly or high triglycerides. I was eating way too much and made my triglycerides go off the chart. Finding out that my triglycerides number was 603 was scary. Exercise, and extra spices brought it back down. 

What Foods Do I Avoid?

That's an easy part of the conversation to answer. I fight cancer by staying away from  all corn products including corn syrup, tomatoes, inverted sugar, glycerin, mono and diglycerides, triglycerides, all diet and low-fat products including sodas, white potatoes, bleached wheat, and citrus acid. I love them. They are delicious. But corn is mostly modified and full of chemicals that builds up toxins and causes inflammation. Tomatoes because they cause inflammation, glycerin because my body wont process it, white potatoes and bleached wheat because of the chemicals and starch in them make it hard on my kidneys to function properly, and it raises my sugar level.


I also try to stay away from products with citrus acid and other acids.  Our bodies make an acid to break them down when we die.  When we eat things with acid in it our bodies think it is time to start breaking down. As a result, we age faster, and our body’s immune system works overtime to rebuild thus making us pray for viruses and diseases.


I try to stay away from anything in a can that has citrus acid. I try to avoid all processed foods and foods that are covered in farming chemicals or stored for a long time. To me eating all those preservatives is like eating embalming fluid. It can't be good for you. I love soda too, but it doesn't love me. It causes inflammation, gas, and for me to gain weight. So, I had to give it up.


I stay away from all diet food and low-fat food because they are filled with fillers. I choose the real deal. So, give me full flavor any time. I think real milk must be better than the artificial fillers they put in low fat milk to preserve it. What I do to cut down calories and cholesterol is just cut it in half or one third and add water to it. It last longer, I have less calories and cholesterol in it, and it doesn't taste any less watered down than low fat or skim milk. Without all the fillers we get in store-bought low-fat stuff.  I eat most everything made from scratch, fresh vegetables, and lean meat.  With an occasional homemade ice cream, chicken nugget, and a little soda without citrus acid.

Do You Have A Question That I May Be Able To Answer?

If you do, you may email me your question about the natural remedies I used, and I will send you my reply as soon as possible.

Thank you for your interest. God bless you, and have a great day.

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